I love a good facial.

So of course, when Massage Envy gave me a call to do a review on their facial services, I hit the road without hesitation. And I really mean ‘without hesitation’, because the rain was pouring down like a tsunami on the day of my appointment and 95 North was completely covered in water…and traffic. But nothing, but God was going to stop me from getting my extractions. So yeah, I hit the road…without hesitation.

I visited the Massage Envy of Potomac Yard [3600 S Glebe Rd #120] which is in Alexandria, VA, about an hour away from where I am staying in Richmond. Due to the road conditions, I arrived to my appointment a little late and a little flustered (even though I left two hour early. UGH!).

“Hello Ms. Joy!” said an entire desk of attendants. All of them with smiles as big as the sun. I was SO happy to see that they were happy and not too concerned about my tardiness. I have been late to appointments before at other spas and was always met with a grimace. Not this time. Instead, I felt like the prodigal daughter who had finally got some sense about her and made her way back “home.” My aesthetician, Donna Brack, was ready for me as well. And after my quick pit stop to the lavatory, she ushered me to her room.

Now, I must be honest. The room was not super glamorous. There were no exotic plants or ambient lighting. Lovely aromas didn’t fill the air to stimulate my olfactory.  But all-in-all, it was relaxing. The table was soft and warmed with a heated blanket. And the music that filled the air was tolerable.

Actually, the room was relaxing enough to put me to sleep, which was rather surprising since Donna spoke the entire time during the facial.

Yes, the entire time.

I read a few reviews before my session that warned me about this practice. Apparently, Massage Envy requires all of their facialists to explain to you everything they are doing to your face while they are doing it. Understandably so, the company wants their clients to be fully aware of everything that’s going on. Plus, they want to educate (and advertise) the client on the best products for their skin. However, the common opinion is that this practice really detracts from the relaxing experience of the facial. And I agree. I would have much rather preferred my aesthetician to explain everything to me before we began and only speak to me to confirm steam temperature levels and such.

BUT after a long night of cramming work to meet deadlines (oops, did I forget to mention that I build websites for people?) and a stressful 2 hour drive in the rain, all I needed was a warm soft bed to put me to sleep. And to sleep I went. Snoring.

So did I even experience the facial? Absolutely. And did I enjoy it? You bet!

Massage Envy exclusively uses Murad products, which was perfectly fine with me. I first heard of Murad in 2006 as I was graduating college. To me, they were a trusted brand that focused more on healing and maintaining the skin and less on the “foo-foo la-la” potions and such. And thankfully, they still hold those same values today. Basically, if you want results Murad is the way to go.

I received the Clarifying Enzyme Acne Facial, which was definitely needed for my congested and inflamed skin. This facial included the basic cleaning, toning and moisturizing. But I also received an enzyme mask that sloughed off quite a bit of dead skin and made my face tingle a bit.

And then there were the extractions! My favorite part. And actually the part of the facial that I fell asleep on! Instead of using a tool,  Donna used her fingers and a towel to deep clean my pores and remove any blackheads. I loved this part. I actually love extractions in general, tool or no tool. But this time was really amazing. I felt as if I was receiving a tiny massage on every inch of my face. One that was not too painful with just the right pressure. And definitely good enough to put me over the edge.

And after what felt like a full night’s sleep (but was probably only 5 minutes) I received a tap on my shoulder saying that I was all done. Shucks. I really could have stayed quite a while longer.

So, would I go back? Absolutely! Even though I missed a few bells and whistles, I must say that my skin definitely looked better post facial than it did when I arrived. And the sunny smiled attendants at the front desk made my heart melt. So, I can see myself stopping by for a fresh face every now and again.