Greenbelt Bus Service Restructuring Approved 13-1

Greenbelt Bus Service Restructuring Approved 13-1 Greenbelt Patch: October 2, 2010

(Unsplash/Matthew Henry)

After almost two months of deliberations, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority decided to approve the proposed changes to the Greenbelt Bus Services Thursday.

During the WMATA Board of Directors meeting, the board voted 13-1 for the changes allowing Greenbelt riders to expect improved connectivity, simplified lines and extended hours.

Restructuring the Greenbelt bus routes had been a hot topic for many riders who complained about lack of service hours, routes and stop locations.

“People who arrive at the [Greenbelt] station after eight o’clock and are dependent upon the R12 and C15 are lost because they will miss the last bus service leaving the station,” said Metro rider and Greenbelt citizen, Cee Cee Richardson. Richardson went on to address the conditions of the bus stops outside along Cherrywood Lane, stating that the lack of seating creates a dangerous environment for the elderly and physically impaired.

Greenbelt Mayor Pro Tem Emmett Jordan also attended the meeting in support of the Greenbelt bus service restructuring.

“Restructuring is very, very important to us as so many Greenbelters count on the bus service as a life line,” said Jordan shortly after Richardson’s comments.

Though most WMATA board members embraced the changes, Metro board member Christopher Zimmerman did not. Zimmerman, who represents Arlington County, Va., rejected restructuring the bus service claiming that additional services to some lines may result in cut backs to other lines that are equally important to Greenbelt citizens.

DespiteZimmerman’sdisapproval,Greenbeltmetrobusservicewillbemodified. Riderscanexpectsimplifiedroutesaswellasimprovementsto scheduling and local connectivity along the R12 and C2 lines.